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Little Remedies Launches New Website

Written by
Cathy Hale
on June 20th, 2017

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Little Remedies® is making it easier than ever to keep your baby happy and healthy with our new website. Our functional new design delivers everything you need–baby care knowledge, insight and information–and nothing you don’t. From products and coupons to mommy tips and videos, our enhanced website helps parents and pediatricians discover safe and reliable solutions for babies.


At Little Remedies® we know gas bubbles, stuffy noses, and fevers are common causes of discomfort for your baby. That’s why we’ve made it easier to find the Little Remedies® product your baby needs for fast, safe, and effective relief. Our products are conveniently color-coded and divided into five categories so you can quickly identify the best one for your baby’s symptoms. Just click on a category and we’ll do the rest.


The Little Remedies® blog is created for real moms by real moms.   Blog topics on Little Remedies cover baby care, safety, health, and wellness. From tips for soothing a colicky baby, to making homemade baby food, to safe sleeping for newborns, you’ll find it all here.


We have built a library of videos geared towards helping new moms navigate common issues like colic, gas, stuffy noses, swaddling, and more. Videos are categorized based on symptoms, so it’s easy to find the one you need.

For Professionals

Little Remedies® is dedicated to happy and healthy babies, so it makes perfect sense that we created a portal for U.S. Healthcare Professionals. By sharing information like age, symptoms, and claims for Little Remedies® products, pediatricians can get to know our line of safe and gentle remedies.

At Little Remedies®, we’re always adding new resources and mommy tips, so the best way to stay up-to-date is by joining our email list. If you’re more of a social butterfly, join us on Facebook.

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