A Little More Wisdom

A Little More Wisdom

Did you know saline–a mixture of sodium chloride and water–has been easing stuffy noses for centuries? It can be traced back to ancient Hindu times. 

Go-To Solutions for Babies with Stuffy Noses

Written by
Cathy Hale
on November 13th, 2017

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When baby has a stuffy nose, all bets are off.  As adults, we can cope with a stuffy nose and stick to our normal routines for the most part.  But moms know, when your baby gets a stuffy nose it can totally disrupt everything.

When baby is bothered by a stuffy nose and congestion, she can’t do the things she normally does with ease. Eating becomes an issue, sleeping becomes an issue and naptime is rough. So what’s a mom to do to relieve that sad little clogged nose? Well, we’ve got a few go-to solutions that can ease the symptoms, help make baby feel better, and get everyone back to doing the daily routine with ease.

Runny nose vs. stuffy nose

The terms runny nose and stuffy nose are often used interchangeably to describe congestion, but it’s important to note that there are differences between the two.  If your baby is doing her normal activities and seems happy but her nose it running, there probably isn’t anything to worry about. Runny mucus is good because it means her sinuses are functioning properly and she’s keeping irritants out of her system.

If baby is unhappy and the mucus is thicker with a yellow or greenish color, she’s probably fighting off an infection due to the common cold or allergies. This type of mucus tends to block the nasal cavities and cause sinus passages to swell. If the mucus isn’t expelled, that can lead to a stuffy nose.

Irrigate with saline spray

For centuries, moms around the globe have relied on saline as a natural way to ease stuffy nose symptoms. Saline—a mixture of sodium chloride and water—relieves dry nasal cavities by moisturizing them. Saline helps to expel mucus so your baby can breathe easier.

Little Remedies offers a variety of drug-free products designed for baby’s nose like Little Remedies® Sterile Saline Nasal Mist and Little Remedies® Saline Spray/Drops.  Both products are safe for newborns up to adults, and they’re easy to use. As moms know, babies typically dislike sprays, but Little Remedies designed their products to fit little noses without discomfort. Plus, the Little Remedies® Saline Spray / Drops have a dual function so you can use it as a dropper if your infant is laying down or a spray if they are sitting upright.

Stuffy Nose Kit to the rescue

Little Remedies makes a Stuffy Nose Kit that includes nasal spray/drops and a nasal aspirator.  This product is ideal for newborns with stuffy noses who are having trouble nursing and sleeping.  The Little Remedies® Nasal Aspirator is designed for tiny noses, so it has a soft flexible tip. That way you can administer the nasal drops without causing your newborn discomfort.

The Saline Spray/Drops are effective enough to provide quick relief from symptoms, yet gentle enough not to sting or burn baby’s stuffy nose. You can use this product as drops by turning the bottle upside down and squeezing it, or you can use it as a spray by holding it upright and squeezing firmly.

Either way, the Stuffy Nose Kit will remove mucus and help your baby breathe easier. And that should put a smile back on her cute little face.

Lots of moms swear by saline to keep runny noses from morphing into icky stuffy noses. How do you use saline spray/drops?  Let us know in the comments section on our Facebook page.

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