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Ways to Soothe a Fussy Baby

Written by
Cathy Hale
on July 13th, 2015

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When your baby is eating, sleeping, smiling and cooing, all seems right with the world. But once in a while you have days when your baby is fussier than normal and your tried and true “tricks” for soothing her may not work. Have no fear! This too shall pass.

There can be lots of reasons why your baby isn’t her normal happy self, ranging from tummy woes to teething to being overtired. If your sweet bundle of joy is having an unsweetened day, here are a few soothing solutions to try:

A Super Swaddle

My first baby loved to be swaddled! I must admit that it felt very awkward wrapping him up like a baby burrito, but it soothed him instantly. Newborns “miss” their first home – your tummy! The secure feeling of being swaddled is similar to being in utero, so this technique may be exactly what your baby needs to feel comfortable. Remember, newborns don’t know how their limbs work, so they can easily scare themselves with their own moving arms and legs.

Wrap your baby up in the perfect swaddle with these helpful tips!

Amp Up The Volume

One misconception about life in utero is that it’s quiet. Actually, it’s the exact opposite. The noise in the womb is a constant whooshing sound and a pretty loud one at that! You can mimic these sounds for your baby by making loud shushing sounds, humming, singing, turning on a hairdryer or running the vacuum. Plenty of baby gear comes with white noise sound effects, but you can always make your own.

Good Vibrations

Many parents swear they can stop the crying by taking a drive. The smooth vibrations in the car seat and the hum of the car may work together to provide a soothing environment for a fussy baby. If your baby is still in a portable infant car seat, a quick spin around the block can be pretty easy. If not, try a baby swing or a vibrating bouncy seat.

Sing a Song

It doesn’t matter if you have a terrible singing voice or you can belt out 'Let It Go' like Idina Menzel. Your baby thinks you’re voice is the best, so singing a lullaby or a slow song may be just what she needs. The body responds to sound, so a calm song can slow her tempo and make her feel more relaxed. Think of it as a soothing distraction.


Direct contact with your baby can have an immediate calming effect. Newborns recognize their mom’s heartbeat, smell, touch and voice, so those familiar sensations can quickly soothe fussing. Moms will also use baths as an opportunity to enjoy calming warm water together and one-on-one bonding time.

Babywearing is a great way to bond with your baby and ease fussiness!

Don’t Rush to Feed

A crying baby isn’t necessarily a hungry baby. If your baby has been fed recently and is still crying, try soothing techniques before you default to feeding. When you’re a new parent, especially during the first few months, it can be hard to do because you’re worried and new to the world of parenthood. Feeding seems like the obvious solution. Overfeeding a baby that may be suffering from tummy pain can make matters worse.

Gas Relief Drops 

Your baby may be fussy due to gas bubbles that are trapped in her tummy. You can always try burping techniques to see if that helps. Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops come in handy if your think your baby is having trouble passing gas. They speed up the process and can help her expel gas more efficiently. Most babies like the taste of Gas Relief Drops and they are fast and easy to administer. Definitely something to keep in your arsenal of baby must-haves!

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