• How can i tell if my child has a cold or allergies?

    Cathy wanted to know, “How can you tell between a cold, a cough, or allergies?”

    Little Remedies writes:

    Sometimes it's even hard for a doctor to decide in the beginning Cathy, but most children under the age of two years do not develop seasonal allergies. So they are not allergic to oak or elm or grasses at that time. Most of the time that you see a cough and cold in that age-group it is related to upper respiratory infections and unfortunately there's hundreds of viruses that can cause many of the same symptoms. You may also notice seasonal Allergy symptoms as a parent. You think John does this every March when the oak trees are blooming. Or Sarah has a problem in the fall. Then after the age of two or three you might consider that these are symptoms of seasonal allergies.

  • Can toddlers take lozenges for hoarse voices and sore throats?

    Carla S. - Can toddlers take lozenges for hoarse voices/sore throats etc.? Special size?
    Little Remedies writes:
    It is parainfluenza season, which is the name of a virus that causes hoarseness, laryngitis, and croup. We don't recommend any lozenges for children and toddlers because they can choke on them. They're a choking hazard. If your child is over the age of one, you can use a product containing honey and you can also try giving them tea with honey or putting them in a steamy bathroom in the evening, but no lozenges because again, we're worried about choking.