When is it ok for kids to play with tablets?

Jennifer C. - Hi Dr. Sue. Tablets and smart phones are laying all over our house. They have peaked my 2 years old’s interest but I am hesitant to let her play with them. What age do you recommend children be allowed to pay with tablets and smart phones and how much screen time should we allow?
Little Remedies writes:
"I don't think you should let your child play with a tablet or a SmartPhone at all as long as you can go. Certainly under the age of two the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that children don't use media. As your child gets older it's everywhere and I think it's difficult to keep them away but you need to remember to limit it. It should not be something done every day and I really admire my patients who don't have any media during the week with their children who are in pre-school or school and save it for the weekend.