When will my baby start sleeping?

Laurie W. - Hi Dr. Sue, My 1 month old is not sleeping through the night ever since we brought her home from the hospital. I know it’s common for babies to wake during the night but when should I start being concerned?
Little Remedies writes:
"Laurie, not yet. Your baby's still little, and remember: Your baby just got here, and probably hardly realizes she's on earth yet, so she doesn't have circadian rhythm. In fact, circadian rhythm is learned from daylight and nighttime as well as your brain maturing and the hormones in the brain, which are called melatonin and cortisol that give us that day and night awakening.
You get this to happen one, by age, so your baby does this on her own as she matures, but two, by patterning. So during the day, I'm awakening her every two to three hours, even when you're tempted not to. And at night I'm turning down the lights low, I'm being quieter, and I'm trying to spend some time singing to her, calming her and then laying her down to bed awake.
I know people think that's crazy, but that's how you start teaching your baby to fall asleep on their own. It's gonna take you a good nother four to six, eight weeks before your baby's sleeping what we would call ""through the night"", which is about six to eight hours - not 12 hours yet.
But you should not be concerned. If any of your friends are telling you the baby slept at four weeks, I think they've forgotten."