How can I help a baby pass gas?

Britney wanted to know, "How can I help my gassy baby, even after they have had gas drops?" 

Little Remedies writes:

You know Britney, there's lots of things we can do in those first three months of life, because that's the most common time to have a gassy baby. They've called it the fourth trimester, which I think is actually true. That's when your baby is developing their neurological system, their intestines and everything area is also maturing, so those first three months are the most common time to hear about gas and fussy babies. I like to recommend things like swaddling your baby. I'm a huge fan of a pacifier for non-nutritive sucking. And then you might try bicycling their legs, sometimes that helps them expel gas. I also like to try a warm bath, I was convinced that warm baths helped my children when they were gassy.