When should I start introducing cereal, and what kind should i use?

Destiny - My sons doctor said I can start adding baby cereal into my son's diet at 4 months. Which is the best kind to start with and how should I begin?

Little Remedies writes:
"Destiny, personally, we don't recommend putting cereal into formula. We prefer to teach the baby how to eat from a spoon and we think it's a really important milestone.
The recommendation is to start at about six months. You can start a little earlier, but it's best to start when the child is a little older because they have more head control and can sit up in a high chair and also, if you've noticed your baby at four months is really still has that tongue thrust, where they mm, mm all the time, and the moms want to know why they're sticking out their tongues. As they mature, you lose that tongue thrust.