Why is my baby's nose so runny?

Sharon P. - Why does my son have a lot of nasal drainage? I do not know what to do to help him.
Little Remedies writes:
"Sharon wants to know, why does my son have a lot of nasal drainage, and I don't know what to do to help him. Sharon, it depends on the age of your child, because newborns have newborn nasal congestion. They sound stuffy all the time, because they have mucus in their nasal passages, and milk in their posterior pharynx.
The best thing to do for that is one of the over the counter Little Remedy products, which is a nasal saline, which is great because you can buy the mist or the drops, whichever one you prefer. And then we like to put it in there and then suck it back out and get that mucus out, which is the best way to open your baby's airways when they seem stuffy.
If your child is older and they have a cold, they're gonna be really stuffy. And the best thing for that is to teach them how to blow out the saline drops, which you have to have an IQ to blow your nose over 150. So your child may be able to spell and use an iPad, which we'll talk about later, but they can't blow. Put the nasal saline in, occlude one nostril, and then help them learn how to blow out, and that will really help relieve the congestion.
Again, lots of humidity in the house when the heat is on, so you want a cool mist humidifier. Never hot, because your child could get burned from that. And we're big fans of steamy showers, and put eucalyptus in there to make you feel better when you have a cold."